Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Dream Factory Auction

They say once you help with a dream, you will be addicted. I was, I am.

I volunteer with a charity called The Dream Factory and they grant dreams to critically and chronically ill kids. This weekend they are having an auction with some amazing things that people have donated and ALL of the money goes to granting dreams.

Go check out the website and get a great gift while helping grant a dream. and then tell everyone you know:) I promise you will feel warm and fuzzy!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Pirates Life For Me 2

Happy Halloween!

Happy Birthday Freddy

My baby is two!

How did that happen so fast?

So what makes up "Freddyness" at age two -

Chubby Cheekness
Contaigious Laughness
Smooth Dance Movesness
Candy Hoggerness

I love that each day when I go to get Freddy from his crib, he allows me a good five minutes to eat his cheeks and smoother him with kisses and loves. I could squeeze him all day. He always puts a smile on my face and makes everything all better!
I love you Freddy - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Freddy How old are you?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Pirates Life For Me!

It has been too long - far too long. Five years since we have all been together. Yeah, we have each seen one another here or there when our paths crossed, but it has been a long five years since we have all been together for some quality time. (Germany is a stinkin long way away!)

But the funny thing is, while we were pirating our way down the Truckee, it felt like no time had passed at all. Our friendship and connection ran as deep as it always has, unaltered by distance or time.

As I was thinking about the much needed weekend I spent with my pirate gang - I realized that these girls have been there, for all of the important parts of over half my life. I feel lucky to have a crew like this. Impressive, the whole lot of them!

And so it will always be - A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fancy Nancy

I have met her - Fancy Nancy. Actually, I live with her. So when her Big 3 birthday rolled around, I thought - oh yes, a Fancy Nancy Birthday for her. We kept the occasion small, for her it was to keep the occasion "intimate" and for me it was to control the chaos.

The girls donned crowns, boas, and beads and the boys had crowns and bubble wands. We read Fancy Nancy stories and played in the bounce house. We kept seven balloons in the air and chased bubbles. We ate fancy cupcakes and mini muffins. We spun around and played ring around the rosies. We all laughed and I think I may have had more fun than the kids.

It reminded me how fun it is to block out an hour or two of the day, just for play.

Crazy #3 enjoyed every minute. She is an amazing, sweet, fancy girl and I love squeezing her everyday. Her job in the family is the head of the "smiles and sunshine" committee. She wants to dance everyday and only likes to wear dresses so she can spin, of course. Her favorite movies are the princess movies and top of the list is Enchanted (who can blame her). She is a believer.

All in all an exceptional day (that's a fancy word for great)!

Happy Birthday Fancy Nancy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have been trying to think of something really good to post about for my "Re-Entry" to blogging, alas I have nothing and trying to make something out of nothing is harder than one would originally suspect.

So, especially for Jared (who loves the kids stories), I think I will update my daily funnies.

I was in the preparation stages for a date with Sanity:

Crazy #3 runs into the room,"Mom - come here!" (said with urgency)

Mom: "What is it?"

Crazy #3: "Just come here!"

She then leads me to my closet and pulls out a high pair of glittery heels that I wore once upon a date with Sanity to a formal work party of his. With the biggest brown eyes you have ever seen, Crazy #3 says,"Mom, I found you princess shoes. Put these on and you will be able to dance with your prince, Dad"

Followed with the biggest smile you have ever seen!!

Crazy #1: "Mom are we under attack #12?"

Mom: "What do you mean?"

Crazy #1: " Well my friend told me the United States is under attack #12, which is like the worst attack ever, and it means we are all going to loose our homes."

Interesting the things our kids come home from school with:)

While at a friends house, a cute little girl asked Crazy #3 how to spell her name.

Crazy #3 confidently replies," Oh yeah, it's 4,5,6,7,8"

Monday, November 24, 2008

Where have I been?

I have one word for you - MOVING. That's right folks we have done it again. It was just down the street, we found a great place and for numerous reasons (not one of which I can now remember as good enough to warrant moving again - ask me in a month and I am sure that we will be happily entrenched in life again) decided to make the move. Why is it that moving seems like childbirth, the pain of it seems to fade with time- I am currently, vividly remembering what it takes to move with four kids. The problem with moving is that you can only check out of life for so long before it just starts happening around the boxes, unpacked or not.

Actually, we really love where we have landed. We are just a neighborhood over from the last house. The kids' friends are really close and on Saturday, I lost my two oldest to the neighborhood. They ran with a group of kids from one house to the next and loved every minute of it.

That is the way it should be.